Expert Reviews for "Turn around Diabetes."

Renowned doctors and healthcare professionals share their thoughts on Dr Roshani Sanghani’s book and its potential to empower those with type 2 (and type 1) diabetes.

“Dr Roshani Sanghani is one of those rare physicians who understands and has gained expertise in a holistic approach to helping others.

In her groundbreaking and eminently useful work, she manages to introduce complex concepts in an enjoyable and understandable way, making it very accessible to the reader.”

“Her sense of humor, humility, and use of the life stories of others makes this a fascinating read, and she manages to not only delve into the “why,” but provide readers practical and useful advice which can be implemented immediately.

As the growing level of evidence points out, traditional approaches to treating and managing diabetes can only benefit from experts such as herself, who encourage us to step back and really think about what we do and why we do it.

This book also provides excellent suggestions for those who do not have diabetes.”

Reviews for Turn around Diabetes - Randy Brazie
Randy Brazie, M.D.

Polyvagal Institute Editorial Board, Co-founder at NeuroConsulting Group, LLC, Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

“Roshani is my favorite endocrinologist—not just because she is outstanding at her work, but because she is passionate about reversing diabetes and pre-diabetes.

And she puts patients’ priorities before writing out a prescription—something often not taught in medical school.”

“This book is a masterpiece in that it allows a human to change their lifestyle, and (more importantly) take their life in their hands—something that many humans leave to destiny and fate, sadly. Life is what you make of it, and Roshani guides you on how to make the most of it.

If people read this book, most won’t even need to consult an endocrinologist, but I don’t’ think Roshani would be much bothered about that—that’s what her passion in life has been—‘take charge of your body metabolism and life, and enjoy it.”

Praise for Turn around Diabetes - Dr Sujeet Rajan
Sujeet Rajan, MD, DETRD, DNB

Director, Breath First Foundation, Consultant Respiratory Physician, Interstitial Lung Diseases/Sleep Disorders, Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences and Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai, India.

“Roshani’s book Turn around Diabetes is the most comprehensive guide I have yet to read on how to reverse diabetes relevant to both the clinician as well as a patient.

Loaded with hundreds of medical references of historical significance as well as recent science and the daily practical application of all of this in real human patients, this book will make you rethink everything you have thought to be true about what we once believed to be a chronic progressive disease.”

“It takes brave clinicians like Roshani to save the world from a completely preventable and in most cases reversible condition, which is type two diabetes. The guide also gives great wisdom if you have type one diabetes which, although not reversible, can be managed in a much simpler and safer way to allow you to live a life of health.

We need more clinicians around the world, teaching this and policymakers changing the food environment and maybe then we can have a healthier future.”

Praise for Turn around Diabetes
Mark Cucuzzella, MD​

Staff Physician Martinsburg Veterans Administration Hospital, Professor West Virginia University School of Medicine, and Diplomate American Board of Obesity Medicine.

“I am thoroughly impressed by Dr. Roshani Sanghani’s new book Turn around Diabetes. As an internist, life-long educator of medical students, residents and fellows, as well as a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, I applaud her four-pronged approach to better treatment of diabetes through Nutrition, Sleep, Stress Reduction and Exercise.

Her experience as an endocrinologist shows through in her recognition that ‘one size does not fit all’ and that changes must be collaboratively identified and carefully planned.”

“Whether you are a motivated person with diabetes looking to reduce or eliminate your medication regimen, or a provider caring for patients with diabetes, I strongly recommend you read this book.”

John M. O’Brien Praise for Turn around Diabetes
John M. O’Brien, MD, FACP

Internist at Cook County Health, Chicago Illinois, 2004-2023, and current member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

“This book is a must-read for anyone suffering from diabetes, or caring for someone with the condition. Dr. Roshani Sanghani has provided the reader with an excellent guide on how to prevent, treat, and ‘turn around’ diabetes.

Being a chronic health condition, education is the cornerstone to tackling this disease, and this book provides that in ample measure, in an easy to read format.”

“She describes in great detail, various ‘wheels’ of care, including nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress management.

I highly recommend reading this book, and implementing the various lifestyle modification techniques described.”

Dr. Aashish Contractor

Director - Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital, Mumbai; India American College of Sports Medicine Certification Director; Founding Vice-Chair, ICCPR-International Council of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation.

“Dr. Sanghani has managed to put her years of knowledge as an endocrinologist and her own lived experience into just a few hundred pages of accessible material in this book. The amount of knowledge is immense, and it holistically covers all aspects of diabetes.

It is at the leading edge of knowledge in the emerging field of therapeutic nutrition and has many lists for those looking for causes of their symptoms with equally thorough solutions for each of her ‘wheels’ of health, nutrition, sleep, stress management and physical activity.”

“Depending on where you are on your diabetes journey, you could read this book many times and come up with a solution for your needs at that particular time. Chronic diseases change and this book provides solutions for that.

This is a comprehensive resource providing people with type 2 diabetes with everything they need to change their lives. There is a special chapter on holistic management of type 1 diabetes to help people living with it explore issues beyond dietary insulin adjustment.

It should be on the must-read list not just for people with diabetes but also for their clinical teams.”

Dr Ian Lake praise for Turn around Diabetes book by Dr Roshani Sanghani
Dr. Ian Lake, BM, BSc

General Medical Practitioner, United Kingdom. Person with Type 1 diabetes, Founding member of the Public Health Collaboration and author of The Clinician's Keto Course.

“I found Turn around Diabetes to be thoroughly enjoyable and challenging. Equal parts practical guide and clarion call, the book challenges readers with Type 2 and Type 1 diabetes to imagine a world where deliberate behavioral changes can significantly alter results.

As someone with T1D for 45 years and whose career is fairly steeped in diabetes education, I have seen my fair share of diabetes self-management instructional guides.”

“Nevertheless, I found many ideas in the book both surprising and inspiring (e.g., the gestalt of diabetes care and the ability to reverse hypoglycemia unawareness). The idea that all of the pieces diet, (reduced carbs coupled with increased healthy proteins), sleep, stress management, and exercise matter significantly in diabetes management is effectively driven home with multiple patient narratives.

Her effective use of patient narratives and vivid analogies ensures that readers can understand the concepts presented. In addition to serving as an effective learning tool, the stories and illustrations of Motivational Interviewing leave the reader with the sense that Dr. Sanghani is a very caring provider who considers her patients’ lived experiences when making suggestions.”

Praise for Turn around Diabetes
Neil Israel

President & Co-Founder, In-Range Animation, person with diabetes.

“I read Dr. Sanghani’s book due to my husband’s lifelong type 1 diabetes and my keen interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This guide offers a clear path to boost insulin sensitivity and enhance overall well-being.

Beyond that, it motivates me to harness my mental, physical, and spiritual resources for optimal living.”

“Dr. Sanghani departs from traditional medical approaches, urging us to chart our own course with her insights and inspiring narratives as companions. Her candid language, humor, and personal stories empower us to test her advice and discover what works best for our individual needs.

Through compassion and respect, she empowers us to freely choose our health journey, fostering greater motivation and long-lasting change.”

Praise for Turn around Diabetes
Suzie Israel

Chief Digital Officer & Co-Founder, In-Range Animation.

“Turn around Diabetes is a masterclass on the topic and a must read for anyone looking to reverse or prevent diabetes.

The book is understandable for patients to empower them to take charge of their health and will also guide practitioners looking to help their patients get the amazing results that Dr. Roshani’s patients accomplish every day.”

Dr Philip Ovadia praise for Turn around Diabetes book by Dr Roshani Sanghani
Philip Ovadia, MD.

Author of Stay Off My Operating Table.

“Dr. Sanghani is a leader in lifestyle-based diabetes management. Following the very guidelines put forth in this excellent and engaging guide, I have personally achieved great gains in weight loss and diabetes management.

An essential tool for anyone seeking to optimize not only their recovery from diabetes but also achieving optimal health.”

David Jacobowitz

Senior Human Subjects Research Coordinator and Faculty Clinical Associate, University of Rochester Medical Center, Departments of Psychiatry and Geriatrics. BS, MA, CGP, CTTS.

“This comprehensive guide is meant to help you take charge of your diabetes with your care team, and like many of the patients you’ll hear from in this book—there are so many advantages to turning around diabetes.

You might have felt hopeless – like there’s nothing you can do about your quality of life and the status of your progression – but I’m here to show you how so many things can be changed for the better.”

– Dr Roshani Sanghani

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Turn around Diabetes
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