Medically Supervised Weight Management Program

Reisaan Health’s medically supervised weight management program, led by Dr. Roshani Sanghani, addresses hormonal imbalances and lifestyle factors for sustainable weight loss, empowering you to break free from restrictive dieting and achieve lasting health improvements.
Our 3-6 months medically supervised weight management/insulin resistance program improves your well-being physically, emotionally and mentally. Our program members benefit from:

Outcomes that matter

Reisaan’s proven clinical and lifestyle interventions result in multiple health benefits leading to living a happier life with fewer medications.



points reduction in HbA1c in many patients


better blood sugar levels with less medications


reduction in medications and some are off insulin

6-30 kg

weight loss in 3-6 months with increased energy

Successful Weight Management by Our Members

4.8/5 average rating, 142 Google reviews; 98% rating, 402 votes on Practo



Jul 2023


Dr.Roshani's approach to health & fitness will teach you, test you and inspire you to keep going. Reisaan Health's programme is structured in such a way that you learn about and understand your personal relationship with what you choose to eat and how it affects your body in a very simple way. Weight loss is just 1 of the benefits you derive from this programme, there are so many more which you'll be able to feel and see and that's why this is not just a weight-loss program.

Dr.Roshani and her team are fantastic, they guide you through the process of lifestyle transformation, changes that you can stick with and not struggle to maintain. They even share tips & tricks to help you stay on track. I found the program so helpful that I took it twice, several years apart.


Jan 2023


I was recommended to undergo Bariatric Surgery in August'22 because of obesity-related health problems. Taking up Dr Roshani's weight loss and insulin resistance reversal program came highly recommended by a doctor. In three months, I saw for myself that my pain reduced, overall swelling reduced, blood reports show improvement in liver health, cardiac health, pre-diabetes has been reversed, inflammation has reduced and this is only the beginning.

It is Dec'22, I began this year low and disheartened, but thanks to Dr. Roshani and team, I'm ending it on a high!


Sep 2022

Dr. Roshani and her team are extremely professional and approachable. Her work helped me become self - sustainable. She helped me understand my mind and body and their role in my overall well-being.

I have struggled with health and weight issues for more than 12 years and for the first time I truly believe that I am closer to having better health. Feeling extremely grateful to have encountered her and empowered because of consulting her.


Jun 2023

Cannot speak highly enough of Dr Roshni and her team! Scientifically backed knowledge along with personalized, guided information, all of it makes the weight loss journey so much more easier and do-able. The team is excellent, the guidance is meticulous and the information provided is practical.

My husband and I were struggling trying to do it all on our own but with the assistance from Reisaan health, it was just so amazing! Will not say it was easy but the team definitely made it so! Highly highly recommend!

About Dr Roshani Sanghani

Dr Roshani Sanghani
Dr Roshani Sanghani, MD
Endocrinologist, Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker.

Dr Roshani Sanghani is American Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Sanghani has established herself as a leading expert in hormone balance and a super-specialist in diabetes, obesity, and weight management. She is also a member of the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners (SMHP), which highlights her commitment to providing the best care to her patients.

Dr. Sanghani’s passion for evidence-based medicine and commitment to improving the quality of care is evident in her work. Her specialty in endocrinology and diabetes makes her a highly sought-after physician, and she has been invited to lecture at various medical events in India and internationally on these topics.

Dr. Sanghani uses a personalized approach that focuses on lifestyle interventions, education, motivation, and empowerment to help her patients make informed choices and achieve better health with less medications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Reisaan Way of treatment

The “Reisaan Way” is to have better health with less medications. Our specialized programs use cutting edge science, and highly personalised lifestyle coaching with 1:1 accountability and medical supervision.

We have successfully applied this comprehensive approach (covering nutrition, sleep, stress management/spirituality, exercise and if required, intermittent fasting) for addressing chronic conditions like pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, obesity, PCOS, fatty liver, hypothyroidism and slow metabolism.

By understanding their own barriers to lifestyle change, many of our patients have reduced medication and have been able to reverse/manage their chronic conditions.

Over the course of the program, they were able to reduce their reliance on medications, achieve optimal blood sugar levels, normalize blood pressure, lower triglyceride levels, and reverse fatty liver inflammation. Importantly, these changes were accompanied by notable enhancements in energy levels, digestion, and overall well-being.

Our program operates through a structured, personalized approach aimed at fostering better health outcomes and sustainable lifestyle changes with reduced medication dependency.

Here’s how it works:

Engagement: Patients begin by accessing online videos and participating in live interaction sessions to gain a comprehensive understanding of our methodology and their role in the process.

Enrollment: Upon signing up, patients commit to a 3–6 month program duration, providing an initial online survey that covers medical concerns, history, and lifestyle habits.

Personalized Interaction: All interactions within the program are one-on-one and tailored to individual needs, focusing on achieving better health outcomes while promoting sustainable lifestyle and behavior changes.

Consultations and Planning: Multiple personalized medical and lifestyle consultations with our expert team lead to the development of a guided plan specific to each patient’s requirements.

Ongoing Support: Private chat support is available throughout the program to address symptoms, challenges, medication queries, and more.

Monitoring and Analysis: Key medical and lifestyle biomarkers are continuously captured and analyzed by our experts to refine and optimize the treatment plan.

Motivational Tools: Patients benefit from access to an online structured curriculum, short videos, interactive alumni group sessions, and a moderated online community, fostering adherence and motivation.

Specialized Monitoring: For those requiring it, high-tech tools such as continuous glucose monitoring are employed, accompanied by personalized feedback on necessary adjustments.

Long-term Guidance: We offer ongoing guidance through long-term programs as needed, ensuring sustained health improvements beyond the initial intervention.


Medications and all medical evaluations, supervision is managed by American Board certified Endocrinologist, Dr Roshani Sanghani.


Interacting with the Reisaan team is designed to provide you with comprehensive support and guidance throughout your journey to better health. Here’s how you’ll engage with us:

1:1 Video/Voice Calls: You’ll have regular personalized sessions with our team of experts, allowing for in-depth discussions and tailored guidance to address your specific needs and concerns.

One-on-One Chat Support: Our private chat feature enables direct communication with the entire team, including medical doctors and health coaches. You can seek assistance regarding symptoms, challenges, medication queries, and more, ensuring prompt and personalized responses.

Private Community Engagement: Join our private community to connect with fellow participants, share experiences, and gain additional insights and support from peers undergoing similar journeys.

Enhanced Learning: Access an online video course curated by Dr. Roshani Sanghani, an American Board-certified Endocrinologist. This course offers comprehensive education on relevant topics, empowering you with the knowledge and tools necessary to optimize your health journey.

Interactive Webinars: Participate in our webinars where our experts discuss current topics and address frequently asked questions live, providing you with valuable information and clarification.

By offering various channels of interaction and support, we ensure that you receive personalized attention, expert guidance, and a supportive community every step of the way, ultimately facilitating your path towards improved health and well-being.

Certainly! Our program accommodates all dietary restrictions and preferences, including allergies, vegan, keto, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, eggetarian, jain, non-vegetarian, and more.

Our experts personalize nutrition and fasting protocols to fit your specific needs, ensuring a tailored and inclusive approach to your health journey.

Getting started with our program is a simple three-step process:

1. Contact Form: Begin by filling out our contact form at

2. Consultation: Schedule a 30-minute video consultation with Dr Roshani and the team. During this session, we will provide personalized guidance to map out your journey towards better health with reduced medication.

3. Program Enrollment: Armed with insights into your health and a clear understanding of our approach, you can then sign up for our 3-6 month program.

The online course, curated by American Board-certified Endocrinologist Dr. Roshani Sanghani, offers a structured curriculum designed to empower individuals in managing their health journey effectively. Here’s what it includes:
  • Short Videos: Engaging and informative videos cover essential topics related to health management, including nutrition, lifestyle habits, medication management, and more.
  • FAQs: Common questions are addressed to provide clarity and insights into managing your condition effectively.

  • Tips and Strategies: Practical tips and strategies are shared to navigate various aspects of daily life, from travel to handling the ups and downs inherent in managing health conditions.

    This course serves as a cornerstone of support for individuals seeking to address their chronic conditions. With the ability to rewatch videos and engage with the content, participants can deepen their understanding and expertise in managing their condition.

    By the end of the program, individuals are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to take charge of their health confidently and effectively.

The alumni community at Reisaan Health is a valuable resource for individuals on their health journey. Here’s how it benefits participants:

  1. Expert Guidance: Our team has been at the forefront of lifestyle medicine in India since 2013, providing expert coaching tailored to the Indian context and culture. Alumni have received direct coaching from Dr. Roshani and her team, gaining invaluable insights and support.
  2. Lifestyle Integration: Alumni have successfully integrated health into their daily lives, making it a sustainable way of life. This collective commitment to health creates a supportive environment akin to the concept of “satsang” in Sanskrit, fostering positivity and growth.
  3. Shared Experiences: Within the community, individuals share their experiences, solutions, and success stories. This exchange of ideas allows participants to learn from one another, gaining new perspectives and strategies for overcoming challenges.
  4. Unique Solutions: Alumni have navigated similar health situations, offering unique solutions that have worked for them. By tapping into this collective wisdom, participants can discover personalized approaches to their own health challenges.
Ensuring ongoing support and guidance after completing our program is a priority for us. Here’s how you can access follow-up appointments:

  • A) Lifetime Community Access: Gain access to our vibrant community, where you can connect with fellow participants, share experiences, and receive ongoing support and motivation.
  • B) Lifetime App Access: Enjoy unlimited access to our evolving app, equipped with tools and resources to support your health journey.

  • C) Flexible Follow-Up Options: Choose from various follow-up frequencies, including every 15 days, monthly, or quarterly appointments, based on your preferences and needs.

  • D) Convenient Appointment Scheduling: Schedule a single appointment with just seven days of recent lifestyle data logged in the app, ensuring that your consultation is timely and tailored to your current health status.

    At Reisaan Health, we are committed to being your trusted health partner for life, guiding you every step of the way as you continue to prioritize and optimize your well-being.

Reaching out to us is easy and convenient. Here are the ways to connect with our team:

  1. Online Contact Form: The best way to connect with us is visit and share your details. Our team will reach out to you promptly to address your inquiries or concerns.
  2. WhatsApp/Call: Feel free to reach us directly via WhatsApp or phone call at +91 8291173280. Our team is available to assist you and provide guidance on our programs and services.
  3. Email: You can also reach us via email at Drop us a message, and we’ll respond to your query as soon as possible.
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