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Reisaan’s proven clinical and lifestyle interventions result in multiple health benefits leading to living a happier life with fewer medications

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4.8/5 average rating, 103 Google reviews; 98% rating, 402 votes on Practo
We partnered with Reisaan Health to tackle my father's 30-year battle with Type 2 Diabetes. After my successful 3-month program, we trusted them to reverse my father's diabetes. Starting at an HbA1c level of 7.4, we brought it down to 6.4 in 8-9 months. Recently when we checked, his HbA1c was at 6. Dr. Roshani's & her team educated my father on fasting methods and food concepts like protein and fiber. The program helped us eliminate insulin, address issues like cholesterol and blood pressure, and inspired him to embrace strength training. The team was always very patient and thorough during the program and they always ensure that they look at health in a more holistic way. We will forever appreciate being introduced to this method of addressing illnesses. We highly recommend this program as it transforms your health concept over the six months with Reisaan, becoming a lasting investment in the future. Thank you, Dr. Roshani – you've truly been a lifesaver!
Japneet Gulati
Japneet Gulati
Being a patient of lungs disorder accompanied by obesity and diabetes, I was sternly told by my doctor to bring down my body fat and blood glucose levels if my ongoing treatment were to be effective. He then suggested me to seek the help of Dr. Roshani Sangani who he said would be able to guide me in my journey of weight loss and diabetes reversal. I was a bit sceptical and very reluctantly contacted Dr. Roshani. A talk with Roshani removed all my apprehensions and I enrolled myself for one of her programs and then there was no looking back. With Dr. Roshani at the helm ably assisted by health coach Pallavi and Dr. Rakshita, the journey was quite steady, stable and fruitful and I was able to achieve my objectives without much hassles. A potent combination of nutritional diet, intermittent fasting and exercises all guided by Dr. Roshani and her team has helped me lose about 18 kgs so far and even my blood sugar too is very much under control and all this in a span of 7 months. Needless to say that my doctor who suggested me to contact Dr. Roshani is thrilled and is in cloud 9. I am indeed indebted to Dr. Roshani and her Reisaan health team. The beauty of the whole program is though it may sound as a diet program is in reality a life style improvement program. Instead of a fixed boring menu, Dr. Roshani guides you to chart out your own nutritional diet as per your requirement but within the boundary set by her. Restrain instead of Abstain is the key here. An App is provided to input everyday data not just on food but also on your sleep, mood, exercises, medicines and any discomfort that you have during the day. The data is then reviewed by the team and discussed upon during scheduled review meetings. I would strongly recommend Dr. Roshani and team Reisaan to those who are in look out for suitable guidance for weight loss and diabetes reversal and in general want to lead a healthy and meaningful life. With Dr. Roshani being a medical doctor and endocrinologist, around, be rest assured that you are very much in safe hands.
Prabhakar Nayak
Prabhakar Nayak
I joined Dr Roshni's program in Jan 23 for diabetes reversal. My HbA1C was 10.2 and also had Hyperlipidemia. Her approach of low carb + high protein + resistance training helped a lot. Fat fasting was a new concept for me and dramatically brought my sugars down in a short time. My HbA1C at the end of the program was 6.7!! I am so grateful to mam and her entire team. They were compassionate about my life circumstances and accommodated a lot. I am glad I found them and never thought reversal od diabetes was actually possible !!
Dr Taru Jindal
Dr Taru Jindal
My journey with Dr. Roshani Sanghani spans over 10years! She is an exceptional medical professional who is dedicated to the holistic well-being of every patient. If you are seeking genuine, sustainable improvement in your health, please consult her and her team. If you make a commitment to be well, they will support you every step of the way. Note: My concerns - T1 diabetes managed through insulin pump therapy (she has an advanced understanding and takes time to analyze data thoroughly) and HyperThyroidism - Graves disease.
Kimberly Dixit
Kimberly Dixit
Dr Sanghani and her staff are extremely knowledgeable. Very friendly and approachable . They explain everything that is being done in very simple and easy to understand language . Her focus on lifestyle changes is sustainable for the long term . There is no one size fits all and she teaches you to think for yourself and the food choices you make . The app is very helpful in tracking total carbs and protein . Looking forward to her book and recipes .
Setu Sanghani
Setu Sanghani
It was great experience joining with Dr Roshani in Assan health solutions. Lot of knowledge and awareness towards various health issues , particularly the diabetes and lifestyle changes which are suggested by Dr roshani and continuous assistance and support by the team . Thanks to her and the team .
Atul Sadhankar
Atul Sadhankar
Used the Asaan team for guidance on fasting and a low carb diet. Good, holistic program that monitors you in a friendly and non invasive manner while helping you move forward in a structured way. Will definitely assist in sticking to a difficult task and getting past the initial steps. Highly recommenced to anyone looking for metabolic assistance with diabetes and other issues.
Peeyoosh Chadda
Peeyoosh Chadda
The 3 month programme was extremely useful in understanding the steps and process to reverse diabetes. The monitoring by team and calls with Zobia and Dr. Roshani Sangani were crisp and informative. I definitely saw improvement in my readings and overall health. I look forward to continue the suggested steps as a lifetime lifestyle change.
Asim Dalal
Asim Dalal
The experience with Aasaan health solutions is realy good. Dr. Roshani and zobia mam really helped in increasing my energy levels . I wake up fresh now and I am able workout more efficiently. Thank you for helping me it is a really good place to change your lifestyle in a better way.
Ashwin Khubchandani
Ashwin Khubchandani
I joined Reisaan Health because my daughters persisted me to give me a try to bring down my Sugar level and to reguralise my lifestyle habits. After speaking to Dr Roshini I could feel the new ray of hope. Her team too is fabulous. They were force you, instead ask your suggestions and reactions about through this journey. That is what I appreciate, never to force anything instead suggest and see the result ourselves. I'll continue with what she has told. Continue with my fasts, slowly increase the fast timings. Thank you Roshini and your team. I'll definitely rejoin you all after some time but never stop the suggestions given by you all. Thanks again to this team.
Savitha Rao
Savitha Rao

What members really love

Discover the power of the “Reisaan Way” as experienced by our members.


Action-Oriented and Empowering Program

The practical approach spans over 3 to 6 months, allowing individuals to go through various life experiences and take charge of their lifestyle in a step-by-step, informed and balanced way.

Rapid Improvement and Results

Members experience positive changes in their health, including losing weight and inches off their tummy, reduced inflammation, improved liver health, reduced cardiac risks, remission of type 2 diabetes and improved TSH levels. People with type 1 diabetes experienced glucose levels within target range with less insulin.

A well read team that debunks myths

The team stays up-to-date with the latest international standards in lifestyle solutions for insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. The education weaves endocrine facts with behavioral science to support habit change in the Indian context.

Improved Mind-Body Connect

All of our members experience higher energy levels, better quality sleep, increased stamina, less hunger pangs and cravings. Most of them see improved strength and endurance with faster recovery times after exercise

Authentic Personal Health Journey of Dr Roshani

The fact that Dr. Roshani has managed her Hashimoto's and pre-diabetes through lifestyle change gives her the her ability to relate to the patient's experience. Her spiritual growth allows her to help people find more effective self care approaches.

Caring and Trustworthy

The doctor-patient relationship creates partnership and accountability. Members know that when the tough love approach is taken it is actually for their own good.

Non-dieting Approach

They experience freedom from the restrictions, rules and rigidity of dieting. This helps people take charge of their eating habits through mindful eating.

Supportive Guidance

Chat support at the individual and community level providing handholding in a non judgmental space helps members succeed.

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