Know about your core and why you need to strengthen it!

Core Strengthening

In the world of fitness, the word core only comes in when you need 6 pack abs. People are being misled about ‘core’ and ‘core strength’. There is more about core, than just ‘6 pack abs’.

So, what is a core?



When you talk about core, you are talking about the deepest muscles of the body. Talking in layman terms, core of a human body is just like an apple’s deepest part which runs along the axis (This is quite a lot!). Scientifically, as you can see in the image above, core muscles include the deep muscles of the spine and abdomen . Muscles of pelvic floor, diaphragm and inner muscles of ribcage which is called is inner intercostals is also included in core.

So now you know, core is not just a single word. It is a group of muscles clubbed together to form a core!

Why do you need to strengthen your core?

(You have good reasons to do so!)

  • Your back needs protection, strengthening your core will certainly help!
  • If you core isn’t strong, your back muscles need to work overtime. Healthy core will reduce the overloading of your back muscles.
  • Once you core gets stronger, it will lengthen and will support the spinal column which will prevent the spinal compression.
  • Strengthening your core will help you get rid of chronic tightness!
  • As mentioned, weak core will make the back muscles overtime but that’s not all, tight hips and shoulders could also be because of a weak core.
  • Our body is a wonderful machine, for working well it needs proper division of muscular labour throughout our body like some muscles are underworking and other might be overworking which will cause issues.
  • Once your core gets stronger, chronic tightness will just vanish!
  • If you strengthen your core, your wellbeing will improve!
  • You will have visible changes in yourself once you strengthen your core.
  • You will be emotionally stable once you become stronger.
  • The state of core lies in physiological expression of something deep inside you!
  • Work on your core, for a better life!

 “You do not have to go to gym for core workouts”

Examples of core workout: – Pilates, Foam Roller, Physio ball

“Work on your basic core exercises rather than advanced workouts”- Dr.Rajani Patil ( Senior Physiotherapist)


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Dr Rajani Patil (Spine and sports physiotherapy specialist)

Doctor of physical therapy (USA)
Certified Mckenzie Practitioner (2008)
Sports Injury and Rehab (NASMI, USA)
Bachelors of physiotherapy (India, 1997)

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