How a busy therapist reversed Type 2 Diabetes through fasting and low carb!

This amazing lady was kind enough to share her journey at our monthly Diabetes Self-Management Class, taught by Dr. Roshani Sanghani, where her patients of Type 2 diabetes receive education and support for a lifestyle change. This doctor has a busy professional life and is dedicated to her family. She finally decided to focus her mind on the project of reclaiming her health.

We are lucky to be witness to her strength, clarity, purity and hard effort. She made every change suggested because she found clarity towards her priorities. Type 2 Diabetes is only chronic and progressive if we don’t change our lifestyle in time!! Thank you for sharing your story so others may benefit and be inspired to do this too. YOU NEED TO DO THIS UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION FOR YOUR MEDICATION TO BE ADJUSTED BY YOUR DOCTOR!

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