Sleep deprivation and sugar cravings!

I enjoy chocolate once in a while, and used to love white chocolate! Recently I’ve started finding it too sweet so was generally eating less of it but a mild stressful phase just made me remember it was in the fridge! #stresseating #sugar #chocolate #sugaraddiction #hormones #habits #bodywisdom Posted by Roshani Sanghani on Thursday, November …

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How To Treat PCOS The Right Way

PCOS Treatment The urban bane has caught up with every 3 in 5 women. Often associated with sudden weight loss and gain, acne breakouts, unwanted facial hair and irregular periods to name a few, PCOS can be a permanent nightmare! Consultant Endocrinologist, Dr. Roshani Sanghani helps you understand what treatments work best to eradicate this problem!

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