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We partner with individuals committed to meaningful lifestyle changes for improved health with reduced medication.

Our 3-6 month online program combines medical supervision, behavioral science, and technology for a personalized and proactive approach to health.
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What we treat

Virtual care programs to address multiple chronic conditions

Empower yourself with our expert-led programs personalized to your unique health needs. Our personalized guidance and support will inspire you to live your best, happiest, and healthiest life.


Reverse insulin resistance, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes with less medications. Personalized coaching for lasting lifestyle changes.

Type 1 Diabetes Management

A comprehensive approach to managing insulin sensitivity through low-carb diet, carb counting, and lifestyle changes.

Transform physically, emotionally, mentally. Weight loss, inch loss, energy boost, immunity, and freedom from restrictive dieting.


Endocrinologist-led personalized solutions for PCOS and hormonal imbalances, well-being, regular cycles, vitality, and healthier lifestyle.



Lifestyle-based approach for addressing Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, and Autoimmune Thyroiditis (Hashimotos).



Specific focus on optimizing habits and lifestyle to enhance metabolic performance and discover longevity insights to live a longer, healthier life.

How you benefit

Outcomes that matter

Reisaan’s proven clinical and lifestyle interventions result in multiple health benefits leading to living a happier life with fewer medications

0 -7

points reduction in HbA1c in many patients

0 %

better blood sugar levels with less medications

0 %

reduction in medications and some are off insulin

0 -30 kg

weight loss in 3-6 months with increased energy

Transforming Health, Transforming Life

Success Stories from our members

Google: 4.8/5 average rating, 129 reviews; Practo: 98% rating, 408 votes


Our members are most happy with doctor friendliness, treatment satisfaction, explanation of the health issue, lifestyle intervention, and guidance. *based on reviews on Google and Practo

We partnered with Reisaan Health to tackle my father's 30-year battle with Type 2 Diabetes. After my successful 3-month program, we trusted them to reverse my father's diabetes. Starting at an HbA1c level of 7.4, we brought it down to 6.

The program helped us eliminate insulin, address issues like cholesterol and blood pressure, and inspired him to embrace strength training. The team was always very patient and thorough during the program and they always ensure that they look at health in a more holistic way. We will forever appreciate being introduced to this method of addressing illnesses.

Dr Roshani is an extraordinary doctor. She is one of the best endocrinologists in country, and the best one I know! I was detected with diabetes almost six years ago, I was not even 35 then, and had lost all hope. But with Dr Roshani Sanghani support and practice, I have reversed my diabetes now.

I do not have diabetes anymore!! The best part is she practices what she prescribes. She leads by example to her patients. She does not believe in treating the disease, she believes in curing it. I would recommend each and every one of the diabetes patients to visit her, she can actually transform your life.
Dr Roshani is a saviour. I have met many doctors but never one like Dr Roshani and her team. She takes her time and, with much patience, teaches about your body and provides constant support with your doubts and queries.

I was sceptical if my thyroid could ever be treated, but after doing the course with Dr Roshani, my dosage came down, I lost weight, and I feel more energetic now. Thank you, Dr Roshani and the team!

I've consulted at least 50+ doctors for my family members and for myself and no one matches Dr. Roshani Sanghani in terms her knowledge, expertise, experience and compassion in really caring for her patients and wanting to help and cure them. Within a short period I was off drugs that I had been taking from 2005! After every consultation where she guided and counseled me, I felt very good mentally and got a lot of confidence. Today all my test reports are the best that they have ever been and within normal limits. I also feel energetic and happy.
It's been life altering journey for me since I joined the program. The understanding of blood glucose levels how to manage them. There is a real treatment to disease. I was not aware... I entered for various reasons .. diabetes, migraine, constipation, acidity, pre-menopausal symptoms, hot flushes... many more.. today I am fitter than many... my energy is like a roaring tiger.

I am only thankful for holding my hand and taking me through this.. there are no words to express the gratitude I have for you Dr. Roshani.

With the guidance of Dr and their staff started the fasting protocol and reduced the medicines. I tasted success in just 2 weeks when my fasting blood glucose recorded 93 (as against 140 - 150). I knew I was on the right track. The fasts became easy with increased protein levels. I am very happy with the journey so far. Many of my doubts and apprehensions got cleared. Now I have to focus on muscle building, which will benefit me long-term. There is a lot of information on youtube and the internet about fasting, but most of it is with the western diet. With Dr Roshani, I could adopt it to the Indian menu.

Ready to Transform Your Health?

Schedule a 30-minute video consultation with Dr. Roshani Sanghani and our team before joining the program.

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Frequently asked questions

Discover the power of the Reisaan Way

The “Reisaan Way” is to have better health with less medications.

Our specialized programs use cutting edge science, and highly personalised lifestyle coaching with 1:1 accountability and medical supervision. We have successfully applied this comprehensive approach (covering nutrition, sleep, stress management/spirituality, exercise and if required, intermittent fasting) for all other chronic conditions like the reversal of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes management, obesity, PCOS, fatty liver, hypothyroidism and slow metabolism.

By understanding their own barriers to lifestyle change, many of our patients have reduced medication and have been able to reverse/manage their chronic conditions. Our patients end up with improved blood sugar levels, blood pressure, triglycerides and reversal of fatty liver/inflammation while achieving a healthy weight, more energy, and improved digestion, with higher confidence than ever before to continue this as a way of life.

A) Do you go to school once in three months? How about learning piano or tennis once in three months? After years of working in lifestyle medicine, we know that habits don’t change in a day. We work with you over 3-6 months to change habits so that you learn how to enjoy better health with less medication.
B) We take responsibility for your medication. That means we need to monitor you closely so that doses can be reduced safely over time while you are working with us. We have moved away from the reactive “see the doctor when you have trouble” approach to a preventive, thoughtful and proactive approach. We take the doctor-patient relationship very seriously and don’t flirt with your health. We are 100% committed to your success. Are you?
C) Even if you tell us everything about your health and we tell you everything we know in thirty minutes, will that single meeting cure you? A lot of the conversation will take time to integrate into daily life. We want to give you that time and hold your hand while you discover the new healthier you!

Medications and all medical evaluations, supervision is managed by American Board certified Endocrinologist, Dr Roshani Sanghani


We have regular interaction with you via:

  • 1:1 video/voice calls with the team of experts
  • One on one chat support: Private chat support with the entire team including the medical doctor and health coach about symptoms, challenges, guidance, medications, and more
  • Private community engagement
  • Monthly interactive webinars: Hear from the experts on current topics, get FAQ’s answered live
  • Enhanced learning with an online video course created by American Board certified Endocrinologist Dr Roshani Sanghani.

Our experts will personalize nutrition and fasting to fit your needs and preferences  such as allergies, vegan, keto, diary-free, glutten-free, vegetarian, eggetarian, jain, non-vegetarian etc.


Getting started is an easy 3 step process.

  1. Fill out this contact form: https://go.reisaanhealth.com/contact
  2. Schedule a 30-minute video consultation with Dr. Roshani Sanghani to map your journey towards better health with less medication.
  3. With insights into your health and a clear understanding of our approach, you sign up for a 3-6 month program.

The online video course is created by American Board certified Endocrinologist Dr Roshani Sanghani. It is a structured curriculum with short videos, FAQs, tips, strategies to travel smart, troubleshooting for the ups and downs of life.

This is where we support your type 2 diabetes reversal! You can rewatch these videos so that the concepts become clearer. By the end of your program with us, you will be an expert in managing your condition!


Lifestyle medicine is a rapidly evolving field. The team at Reisaan Health has been pioneering lifestyle medicine in India since 2013. We know what works for the Indian context and culture. Our alumni community consists of people who have been coached directly by Dr Roshani and her team over the years. These people have made health their way of life. In Sanskrit, there is a word called “satsang” which means the company of good people and good minds. That’s what you get in the lifestyle community. You will get to share ideas with people who went through similar situations, solved problems and found unique solutions that worked for them.

For people who have completed programs with us, we will be glad to see you in various follow-up formats. We want to be with you for life! 
A) You get lifetime access to our community
B) You get lifetime access to our app, that is constantly evolving
C) You can set up regular followup every 15 days, every month or every quarter.
D) You can set up a single appointment with seven days of recent lifestyle data in the app.
We love helping you take your health to the next level at every meeting and look forward to being your trusted health partner for life!
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